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Robert Allen


CANNY BIT VERSE (Robert Allen ) 
ROBERT Allen has established a loyal and enthusiastic following for his audio cassettes of Northumbrian dialect verse, so the opportunity to buy all his material in printed form should prove an alternative attraction.

The book contains the script of all the poems from his earlier tapes "The Canniest Place on Eorth" and "Riding High", plus his latest recording, "The Lang Pack".

Whether singing the praises of the North Tyne valley, enthusing about village cricket, or bemoaning sad tidings in the whee's deid (obituary) column, Robert Allen combines Northern pride with gentle humour in an easily accessible volume which provides an important printed example of the local dialect.

The book is illustrated by Henry Brewis, and for those who don't know their cushat (wood pigeon) from their shavie (chaffinch), there's a glossary of dialect words.

Reviewed:The Northumbrian Spring 1995

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